“Seed: Symbolic of latent, non-manifest forces, or of the mysterious potentialities the presence of which, sometimes unsuspected, is the justification for hope. These potentialities also symbolize the mystic Centre—the non-apparent point which is the irradiating origin of every branch and root of the great Tree of the World.”

                                     J.E. Cirlot “A Dictionary of Symbols”


Trying to evoque concepts around its symbolism, the main element of this collection is the seed.
This collection has kinetic components that enable the pieces to move through a horizontal or vertical axis. Through its movements, optical effects of light and shadows are attained as well as changes in color. Its geometrical intrincate shape is crafted to create an experiece through our senses, discovering hidden tactile and visual aspects of it.

The Ash tree Yggdrasill as the Great Tree of the World